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...we really enjoy pizzas, wine and work
full of crazy ideas too.


We follow the trends, look for inspiration, love the aesthetics and a good design, we link it to the specific needs of customers, presenting them custom-made projects.


We listen carefully to customer’s needs. We suggest, but do not impose our opinion, we discuss the actions together, and then scrupulously implement the solutions.

social media.

Social media is the way of positive dialogue with potential customers. We know how to effectively create your company's image outside.


We effectively combine new technologies with knowledge and experience gained over the years. We design modern, stably operating and functional websites.


We are cohesive, experienced and energetic team of new technologies enthusiasts. Working is a true passion for us. Check it out...

what we do

Sit down comfortably, we'll take care of it...
And we’ll do it really well.

We think

...but most of all we study your needs and we offer the solution to the best of your expectations. We advise effectively, because we have great ideas, knowledge and many years of experience.

We offer custom
made projects.

...and we do it well, because we balance between aesthetics and functionality effectively. With attention to details we create unconventional projects. Only these are likely to be noticed and remembered.

We create

...and we replace good ideas and graphical concepts with functioning, effective websites, multimedia presentations, advertising creations. We implement both simple and complex CMS, CRM systems.

We are
your guys.

...because the end of the project is only the beginning of further fruitful cooperation. We support and develop already implemented projects. We are always close to promote your brand on the market effectively and comprehensively.

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Michał Project manager


The brain of the team
and at the same time, the handyman.
In the matter of creation and technology he is like a multipurpose food processor that can effectively combine skills (not talents) from extremely different areas. On the one hand, analytical thinking programmer, on the other a lover of aesthetics and a good design. With a passion for the Internet, 14 years ago he gave up the foreign holidays and bought the first photoshop license instead. He still does not regret that decision.

Leon The Office Mascot


Office gourmand and creative
director of chaos.
If he didn’t have Syrian hamster’s IQ scores, he could be a programmer...but he did. He is the life and soul of the party, the eternal optimist with his head in the clouds, he effectively makes the whole team to feel better. Intrusive hugs and sad eyes are his work tools ... with such a weapon he mercilessly exacts a tribute - the second breakfast. But he is a relly harmless and all team love him ;)

Sylwia Customer Advisor


Like a perfect
lady of the house/office...
she manages the whole mess. Meticulous, accurate, mandatory. She is one of the few in the team who is able to meet deadlines and effectively enforce them. She takes care of good communication with customers, advising how to perfectly create the brand image online. She does not eat pizza, thinking about the battle of the Bulge, of course, but glasses of wine and inspiring glasses of whiskey are her claims to fame.



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sport club website / Pimcore

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Lubin S.A.

website www / Pimcore

Future technology

serwis www / Pimcore


official website + e-shop / Pimcore / Shoper

KGHM Zagłębie
Lubin S.A.

corporate website / Pimcore

Technika siedzeń

design / web development / Pimcore

Röben - ceramic

real estatment / Pimcore


Pimcore design / web development

- KGHM Group

design / web development/ Pimcore

Air Power

www + shopper / Pimcore / Shoper

hurtownia med.

design / web development

Bez % - soft drink

design / web development

JD Trade

design / web development

Program ATAL

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of the Internet
of stimulating
and strong coffee
of php code,
199or more
of whiskey
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We don’t like tedious craft, that’s why our experience is 11 years of creative, full of commitment and enthusiastic actions. Working is our passion.

So far, we have cooperated with many large (, Bergson, Logitech) and smaller companies. We have worked to create online advertising campaigns for brands such as: Oral b Braun, YES or Fanta.

However, our own original Internet project allowed us to fully develop, expand our competences and gain experience, which we can boast about today.

Ambition and perseverance have made a project unique, which we were carrying on for the last few years and which provided us with a lot of success, e.g. the Internet Academy Webstar award. We are proud that is still one of the most visited websites in Poland in the category of lifestyle, but most of all we are pleased with the fact that we perceive the Internet more broadly. We know that well-functioning website is not only unique visuals and well-designed code, but above all it is a tool to achieve business goals.


For us, technology is not a dozen incomprehensible to the average Smith acronyms, but it is the way to achieve business goals online.

And to operate effectively in the world of the Internet we are up to date with all what is needed to create unique, aesthetic and, above all, useful websites.

We love new technologies, we follow trends and we always look for good examples and inspiration. Going beyond standards we create bold and unconventional solutions, because only these have a chance to be noticed.

Of course, we have our favorite tools and technology, without which our work would be hard to imagine. It is definitely HTML5, CSS3, jQuery and PHP. They are absolutely "must have" tools for each project. In addition, we can’t imagine creating dedicated solutions, web applications, or cms systems without the use of mysql. We are happy to use the available and proven framework solutions. We have been recently "crazy" about bootstrap and less preprocessor. We implicitly fell in love with the idea of responsive websites.


We value the relationship we build with our customers through flexible and suitable offers, top quality service and comprehensive support.

Internet projects are the heart of our actions, but they are only a starting point in creation of good relations and ongoing cooperation with customers.

We are versatile, so we do not confine ourselves to the interactive agency actions. We want every customer to be served comprehensively. We wish all his marketing and advertising needs were satisfied under the Advisage label.

All the customers are important for us, and each order is unique. We feel competent, because 11 years of experience is a time when we have implemented hundreds of projects, large and small, different, because each customer has different needs. We have completed many web projects, including several large web portals, many corporation and products websites, online stores and websites for small and medium-sized businesses. We have created many multimedia presentations, commercials projects, web banners, business cards projects, flyers, rollups.

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The Internet is
a campsite for the soul.

- Marilyn Manson -

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